Monday, October 03, 2011

From Blog to Book

Someday I’d like to put our blog posts into printed form. A blog book, if you will. I’m a fan of hardcopies.

Granted, this blog isn’t a masterpiece. There are many poorly written posts, bad pictures, and probably hundreds of spelling errors.

But it’s been around since early May 2005 and after 2,665 posts, and 7,000+ photos, it’s a fairly complete snapshot of this period of our lives.

One of our first posts was searching for the perfect wedding dress with my mom (we didn’t find it), later, the arrival of our lovely Beast, our wedding, the move from Santa Ana to Seattle, buying a house, building a monster chicken coop, traveling to Africa, and having a baby. You know, Life.

I suppose I could begin creating the books now and simply add additional volumes at the conclusion of each year.

A friend of mine recommended a company called Blurb and I’m going to use that to create Benjamin’s baby book. I see they also have a blog conversion program. Anyone out there ever tried it?


  1. I promise I'm not secretly stalking your blog. Happened to see two posts today I wanted to comment on.

    I used for our belated wedding album. The album turned out beautifully, but I found their photo program frustrating. They had a limited number of ways you could arrange photos, and you had to choose from their arrangements. And only about 75% of the arrangements had text. Plus, their text was small since you couldn't zoom in on the page. Finally, their photo upload works, but then you have to choose it from a wide pool of uploaded photos, especially if you save, leave, and then come back to the book. A mess.

    But, it does create a beautiful product. Just giving you a heads up.

    I used to do a blog printout. I was happy... but definitely not as artful as the snapshots you just posted. I'm on the hunt for something better. Maybe blurb will do it!

    PS: Groupon had a special on picaboo's photobooks, so that's the next one I'm trying. My friend swears by shutterfly.

  2. I've started on Blurb, but I find it endlessly frustrating.

  3. Thanks Jessika and Amanda - This is EXACTLY the kind of information I need to hear. I will look into lulu and I would love to hear how picaboo turns out.

    By chance, which of Blurb’s programs did you use? The one that requires downloading or the one that you use directly on their website?

    I use shutterfly for photobooks frequently. The quality is ok and I also find their layout process to be frustrating. I want something really nice for Ben’s baby book - better than I’ve found at shutterfly/snapfish/ etc.

  4. I have until sometime in November to use my groupon to Picaboo, so I will let you know. I did a few test pages before I bought the groupon, and I liked it and the freedom. I'll report back!

    I think I used both of blurb's programs, but since the downloaded version gave me problems, I used their website program instead.

  5. Downloaded version. It wants to load the entire blog every time I open it...even though it's already downloaded it. FRUSTRATING!