Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Guest Room Closet Project

Many moons ago we ripped out a giant closet in our guest room. It just wasn’t working for us as it was an awkward shape and made it so that you couldn’t fit a queen size bed in the room. That was all well and good except that the room was left without a closet. Time to add one. We are building the new one into the eve of the house, which was a plan we liked as the space wasn’t very usable to begin with. Here it is:
 Beginning of the framing [Benjamin is supervising]:
 Framed and ready for drywall:
 We made the doors fairly tall so you wouldn’t have to bend down to see what you were grabbing off the clothing rack. 
 Remember how I ranted last week about sanding plaster? Here is my official sanding get-up:
 And this is what I would look like with terrible dandruff: 
 So we added a new garment: the shower cap. I like its jaunty angle. The swim goggles are so I don’t get plaster dust in my eyes because small grits of sand under the contacts = extreme pain. 
 And no post would be complete with a shot of the bambino and the Beast. 
Next up: Painting!