Monday, October 10, 2011

Recent Happenings


We have been busy little beavers this week. We had a lovely weekend with Megan, Eric, and my MIL, who is in town visiting. The bambino is in heaven.

Last night we went to an engagement party of a very dear friend.  I overheard my mom telling the [future] groom: “I may be a little biased but we think your fiancee is just about the best there is”. How very true. 

Ok, here’s a quick weekend recap:

We finished painting the guest room. It is a sweet dove grey and I love it. It only took four trips to the paint store to find the perfect color. Pretty sure I’m on a first name basis with the paint people now. Major props to my dear husband for doing the majority of the painting while I was….. out shopping. How terrible is that? What can I say, he’s a keeper. 

I’ve been thinking of colors that will go well with the grey. So far I’m pondering moss green, papaya pink, and eggplant purple. Good? Or bad?

I harvested all of my carrots from the garden. Soup time!

My mom and I took a lovely stroll around Wells Medina Nursery and I brought home this perky little rhododendron. 

Ever since the great cold snap that froze the water in my big blue fish pond and cracked the pot, emptying the water, and leaving my fish in just a few inches at the very bottom [don’t worry, they survived that ordeal and then went to live in my parent’s pond], we’ve needed something to go in the pot. 

Whew. That was one hell of a run-on sentence. 

Fortunately, I never fixed the crack in the pot so the rhodie has drainage. 

Here it is as I was turning it around, trying to find the best angle. 

Will post pictures of the finished project at a later date. 

I’m working on Benjamin’s Halloween costume. Here is a sneak peek of the very early stages, as modeling by Wally the Bear. Basically, it involves two bodysuits, stuffed with batting. More to come at a later date. 

I am purging stuff this week. Any local folks want copies of Parents, Everyday Food (some recipes removed), Sunset, or Martha Stewart Living magazines? I would love it if you would take all of them off my hands in one fell swoop. 

What else happened this weekend?

On Saturday the breaker on our furnace went out. So we have been reacquainting ourselves with warm hats and down vests. The repair guy was out this afternoon and we are now basking in lovely, toasty heat again. 

Bailey spent a few days at “summer camp”. Aka my parent’s house. He loves visiting them because they spoil him silly and he doesn’t have to compete with Benjamin for attention. Talk about dog heaven. I’m not sure he’s exactly pleased to be home. 

And lastly: We need to start baby-proofing. 

Any tips, Peeps?




  1. I'm liking the pink and green ideas. Not a huge fan of eggplant in a grey room. But, I dunno...maybe pops of it would be nice. :) By the way...does Chris want to come and paint some rooms for us??? ;)

    Baby proofing. Honestly...I didn't do much. Move breakables a bit higher, cover the outlets with those baby proof plug covers, go through cabinets and move medicines that are within reach (or anything sharp, or small), lock cabinets that have cleaners in them (or items you don't want them getting to, and take a look at kitchen cabinets to see if any dishes (glass pie plates, ceramics, blades for food processor, etc.) need to be moved out of reach. The pretty much covers it for me...oh, and cords. Think about cords. tie them down to furniture legs or behind furniture so they can't choke themselves or yank on the cord to pull like a lamp down on themselves. Okay...other than those things...I just teach my kids as soon as they are mobile what the word "no" means.

    I tell them "no no" and move them away. If they go back for it they get a "no no" again and then I move them further away and give them a different toy. I don't distract them with a new something the first time because I want them to make the connection that no means don't touch. A bit later I graduate to..."No no. Hot! Ouch!" Or "No no. Only Momma and Dada."

    So does this mean he's crawling? Or are you just trying to be proactive?

  2. Ben is army crawling and spending a lot of time on all fours. Toys have pretty much lost all interest at this point. I feel like a human jungle gym! So baby-proofing isn’t necessary yet but I have a feeling that it will be in fairly short order. I ordered baby gates yesterday - we have two flights of very, very steep stairs. The one down into our basement would not be a good one to tumble down. We also have a two story laundry shoot (accessible at baby level) that we’ll have to lock up. Other than it, it’s pretty much cords. I supposed that’s the problem with living in the digital age! Otherwise, I like your no-no approach. I don’t want our house to become a padded cell - at some point he’s going to have to learn what to stay away from.

  3. Ah yes...the pleasures of living in a one story house. :)

    And yay for the beginning of crawling! A whole new world is opening to him. Exciting!