Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ben - 42 and 43 Weeks, Plus 10 Months

Can you tell it's winter around here? These pictures are all in shades of grey and black. Ugh. Matches my current mood. 

I didn't buy anything on Cyber Monday but I will fess up and say that I very carefully perused the sale destinations available on Alaska Airlines. 

They had awesome deals to Belize. $350, roundtrip. Still happening, too. 

Sun, sand, jungles, caves, warm water. Oh my. 

Right this moment we could be sitting in a hammock on Long Caye, fancy drink in hand, doing nothing at all

Benjamin would have loved it. Hermit crabs to chase, tropical food to eat, and a bathwater-temp ocean. Another time, Dear Baby. 

In the meantime, put on your hat and bundle up, we're heading outside.