Monday, December 05, 2011

Waaaay Up High

Whoohoo, I'm on a roll today, Peeps! Two posts in one day. 

Here is another little bit of our weekend:

On Sunday morning we went downtown and took a tour of Chris' new building. 

 Floor to ceiling windows on skyscrapers give me wobbly knees. 
No so with Benjamin. If he turns into a BASE jumper, we'll know why. [I'm desperately hoping that he doesn't, FYI].
 The cars look like toys. Hey, that's a Seattle Duck Tour bus down there. 
 Love the view from his office! That's Pike Place Market in the foreground and Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond. And the Space Needle on the far right.

They also have a really cool roof-top garden and we've already decided that we'll go downtown sometime and meet Chris there for lunch. Perhaps on a day that isn't freezing cold. We'll save that field trip for the Spring.

Later in the afternoon, Chris and I did a bit of shopping, sans baby. It was so nice to have a bit of 'adult-time'. We were doubly spoiled as later that evening we left Benjamin with my parents and went out to dinner to celebrate Megan's birthday. Oh, it was so nice. 

We also gorged ourselves on cake and ice cream.  This year Megan requested chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I've been using this ganache recipe as my go-to frosting type and this time around I used it as a glaze, rather than a frosting. I really like the ganache over the traditional butter/sugar fluff frostings. It worked really well on the cake, but not so well on the ice cream layer. Duly noted. We'll save it exclusively for cake next time. 


  1. So neat! Love the view!

    This reminds me of when I visited my dad's office in the World Trade Center. Wow! Talk about amazing (and praying that the window doesn't decide to just blow out or something). lol This just gave me good memories of that place...thanks for that inadvertent positive thought you planted in my brain this evening.

  2. Wow, what a neat experience. And definitely a better memory than that one fateful day. I've very rarely been in my Dad's office - maybe once or twice. I was about six the last time. I'd love to go back. Darn Boeing and their super security. It's nice to picture where loved one's spend their time during the day.

  3. Katherine J11:51 AM

    Oh my gosh, that makes me queezy just looking at the pictures. I would have had a rope tied to his overalls...which are adorable btw.

  4. Eeeek. That last picture of the skyscrapers totally gives me vertigo. I would have my back plastered to the wall furthest from that window. :)