Monday, December 05, 2011

Life and Times

My Dears!

It seems like far too long since we've had a proper blog update. Chris and I have been in a tizzy of house projects, thus we've been a bit on the distracted side lately. I haven't posted pictures of house-goings-on because things aren't quite ready for their photo op. Eh, who am I kidding. Things will not be ready for their blog debut for quite a while. This is my life at the moment. But I've been a busy bee, collecting decor ideas on pinterest. Baby steps. 

Anyway, let's turn our attention to some recent happenings. We had a gloriously fun time this weekend. My in-laws were visiting from Alaska and we jam packed our days with some great outings, lots of good food, and the company of family. 

Here are a few snippets:

 It was pretty chilly so we had the bambino well bundled. Chris' cousin (and his lovely wife) gave us the jacket, the hat, and his little matching gloves - they really came in handy on this trip. It was a nippy day!
 Three generations of hombres. 
 Ben alternated between fascinated and sleepy. 
 This kiddo loves the attention from his grandma!
 Sorry the pictures are slightly on the fuzzy side. It was getting dark out and the forest didn't help. 
 My Dears, I adore Pacific Northwest hiking. It is simply gorgeous. 

 Ben is still getting the hang of his new backpack but so far we're finding it to be very comfortable. Plus I can stuff diapers and such underneath his seat.  It's a Deuter Kid Comfort II
 After our hike we mosey south to a christmas tree farm. Perhaps you remember our adventure last year hunting for a tree on Forest Service land? This time around we were looking for something a little less ...adventurous. 
 We skipped around a bit and finally selected our winner. 

 I like how Ben is holding the saw [below]. Yeah. Really safe, I'm sure. 
 Chop that beauty down!
 Chris and Bob alternated with the sawing and we had a tree in no time flat. Good thing too, as it was getting dark out. 
 After we tanked up on cider and cookies (and Benjamin pulled all the ribbons off the presents under the display tree in the barn), we headed for home. A good, good day indeed.