Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bailey Doll

My Dears - 

I am so excited to show you this birthday present that Ben got from my friend Colleen. 

It's a Bailey Doll!!!

Our sweet pup has been immortalized forever! It's totally custom: she does them based off of pictures of your pet.

 She even got Bailey's grey chin hairs! He's perfect - from the tip of his nose all the way down to his otter tail. His legs are wired so he's 'pose-able'. He has sweet button eyes and a blue collar with a fancy bell. 

 And a surprise ear lining. Which is perfect, especially as our dog is all black. It adds a necessary bit of pep, don't you think?

 Grey whiskers!

Benjamin has a new favorite toy. 

 He especially loves fiddling with Bailey's collar (in real life and on the doll version)

But I've left the best part for last. 

Our Bailey doll came with accessories! [really, those are half the fun!]

My Dears, you know that we love to dress the Beast up for Halloween, for Christmas, and for New Year's. 

Thus, longtime readers will instantly recognize the following photos (along with Bailey doll's coordinating accessories):

This was Halloween a few years ago:

This was his birthday photo from two years ago:

And you know about our obsession with Santa Hats!!!

I just about died from hysterical laughter when I opened up the box and spied the hats and collar collection. Colleen, we are in such awe of your creatively and talent. 

Thank you. 

These would be such amazing gifts for pet owners. Especially those that have recently lost a beloved friend. Or for people like me that are nuts for their dogs. 

I can think of so many people that need a custom pet softie. 

And what about cats? Or people? Colleen, you are totally onto something here. 

So Peeps! Get your own [insert pet's name HERE] doll!

Colleen's website on etsy shop FreakedOut'nSmall, can be found here. Check out Bailey's listing for prices and specifics. 

And Colleen also has a blog where she posts lots o' crafty things. It can be found here

Thank you Colleen, you are amazing.