Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Big Map Project

Ok Peeps,

We went from a blank wall to... Still a blank wall.

 But! We've made some progress! Namely, I've acquired the artwork! Here is a piece of it:

Can you guess what were going to do? Tonight I'm going add a cardboard backing and then we'll start pinning! All the places we've been. I'm also going to craft some sort of frame; probably one made out of baseboard and then painted some lovely color. I'll keep you updated.

You are not going to believe the size of this thing. It's super gordo.


  1. Are you doing a pin map? I am always tempted to do one, but I haven't been enough places. If you are, that is SO NEAT!!! And, what great inspiration to get you to go more places!

  2. Yes exactly! I am so excited about it. But I think my world travels are going to look pretty sparse once the pins are up. That's ok, it'll give me something to strive for. :)

  3. Worst comes to worst, put a map of Washington or the US up next to the world map to make you feel better about your pins. So jealous! I love artwork that is interactive and changes with time!

    My folks fly (as in, they fly on their own), so they've been all over the US. I gave them a map to pin of the US. You should see the sucker! And, they like tracing routes with yarn on the map for upcoming trips. The best one I ever saw was friends of ours (now deceased, sadly), and he was one of the Kellogg Corp heirs. They constantly went on "'round the world" trips. Their world pin map was astounding.

  4. You might tie pieces of string to each pin leading back to Washington. It might help fill space till you're able to expand on your travels.

  5. I love the string idea! :) And that's an amazingly huge map (in a good way). It's going to look great once it's up!

    -- linds