Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on Trollie the Chia Pet

So Peeps, 

What to see how Trollie is doing?

Take a gander:

Yup. Exactly the same. Nary a seed has sprouted. Trollie doesn't seem to think we're very hospitable 'round these parts. 

I would worry except that the seeds are supposed to sprout in 3-4 days. We're pushing a week. 

My plant-tending ego is suffering. 

Which reminds me of a funny story: My Sister-in-law Megan and I both started growing avocado pits around the same time. It's the project where you suspend the pit above a glass of water and watch it send down roots into the water and send up sprouts. 

Well, we've been doing it for six months now and Megan's little seed has turned into this gigantic plant with tons of roots and beautiful leaves. And mine?

nada. zero. zilch. No roots. No leaves. Just one very sad, sad little pit. 

Over Christmas I went over to water her plants while she was off on vacation and I thought about switching our plants, as a practical joke. But I nipped that idea in the bud as I would have felt awful had I stolen her plant and then managed to kill it. 

My avocado-growning mojo is at an all-time low, clearly. 

And evidently so is my ability to grown chia pets.