Monday, January 30, 2012

Dorrance Family Scrolls - Now Online and Available for Download

Dear Readers,

You might remember a while back that I wrote several blog posts (here and here) about scrolls that detail the history of my father's family back to 1719 - the time when the first Dorrance arrived in (what is now) the United States.

The hard copies that we own are old and in poor condition and I'd been searching for a while for versions of the scrolls that were in a digital format.

By happy coincidence I came in contact with a Dorrance family member here in Seattle that was interested in digitizing his copies of the scrolls - no mean feat, considering that all together they're probably 50 feet in length.

My job was to set up the website and make the digital versions available to Dorrance researchers (and anyone else).

And at long last, the scrolls are online:

Here is the site link:

I have so enjoyed this project: the collaboration, the research, and the sense of accomplishment that accompanies seeing a project like this come to fruition. Already several far flung Dorrance family members have downloaded the files for use in tracing their family history and we've been in contact with Dorrances in the United States, Canada, and Scotland. Versions have also been sent to ancestry databases.

What a trip.