Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

We had a little party for the baby on Sunday. The little baby is no longer quite so little. This was the big One!

Here he is sporting his official attire. I'd call it his birthday suit but that wouldn't be quite accurate. Believe me, he'd rather prance around in his real birthday suit anyday. Especially since it doesn't involve the uncomfortable birthday hat/dunce cap. 

We kept lunch simple with a sandwich bar, a salad, and some chips/munchies. We also cranked some ice cream (a family tradition), opened presents (thank you family members!), and...
 ate cake [of course]. 
 The birthday baby got a cupcake. 
 Which was plenty. In fact, it was probably too much. 
What a mess.
 He loved it. 

He devoured the entire thing. 
 And then promptly retired up to his room for a post-cupcake sugar crash/nap. 

I had so much fun printing out Ben's weekly photos. I 'borrowed' [stole is such an ugly word] the clothes pin hanging method from my sister-in-law Katherine. She did it at her wedding reception last summer and I thought it looked so cool. Here is the overview. ("Birth/Week 1" is in the upper left-hand corner. "Week 52" is in the lower right hand corner)

 And a close up:
I was working with a small space so they were too close together. It would have been better had they been spread out over a larger area. Oh well. 
 Here were a few of the party favorites:

chewing on a tooth brush, wearing his aviator hat (and nothing else):
 The hat over-the-eyes one:
 And of course our 'first vacation' shot:
 Mostly because Chris and I are smiling and the baby is royally pissed off. What a contrast, eh?

 I'll admit, the baby with the diaper on his head is one of my favorites:

 And his first food is also popular in my book. Although after the birthday cupcake episode, I think I'm done with food smeared all over the place. 

And that was our party. 

Thank you to our lovely family members that came to celebrate with us - we sure enjoyed having you over. We thought it was so sweet that you both brought presents for Bailey, too! And made your own lunch and cranked your own ice cream! Thanks Eric, for taking pictures.

And thanks also to family peeps that couldn't make it due to distance limitations - we sure missed you but were so touched that you called/sent presents. What a lucky baby.