Friday, January 27, 2012

Too nice a day to stay inside

Today was glorious. We headed down to the park for some swinging (Ben), duck chasing (Bailey), and exercise (me).

Plus we didn't see any poor coots plucked off by marauding bald eagles this time so we had that going for us.


  1. Cute pic!
    Wait. You saw what being plucked up by a bald eagle??? I can't believe you saw a bald eagle! That is so damn cool! We have them out here, but I've yet to see one. Hopefully one day... So far though it's just tons of buzzards. Buzzards, buzzards everywhere.

  2. Last time we were at the park a bald eagle swooped down and got an American Coot (kind of like a duck) right in front of our eyes. Circle of life, I suppose, but not exactly fun to watch.

    I have never seen a buzzard. I had to google them just now. :)