Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pool Fun

We went back to the Mount Lake Terrace pool yesterday with my Mom. Surprisingly, it was packed. Crazy, considering that it was empty on Monday. 

And it wasn't as warm this time around either. 

No good, Peeps.

 Ben was a little more reserved this time around, perhaps because we were dodging bigger kids for the majority of the time. 

Is the swim diaper still on?


Yikes, that was the penultimate Weekly Photo! Only one more!


  1. The new pool in Lynnwood is great too. Better once they are walking and toddling- its also really warm in there- but sadly no soft toddler padding on the pool floor- but the family changing rooms make it easier once the little one is running around...

  2. So fun! We had a nice pool like that near us in TX. Nothing indoors here that would be toddler friendly from what I know.

    Funny story (sorta)...the second time we took Gabriel to the indoor pool he and I were the only ones there. So, the lifeguard saw us coming and figured she'd turn on the fountains in the baby pool for us. So we walk over to the baby pool...he's having fun, checking it out, and then WOOSH! The fountains go on full blast and shoot about 8 feet into the air. He was right next to one, got scared (for good reason) and fell right into the water face first. Needless to say that was the shortest trip to a pool in history folks. He couldn't recover and it took until this summer for him to finally be over it. Poor guy.