Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Book Update

Update on the Book of Benjamin:
I believe I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was bummed out about a few things in Ben's baby book, specifically:

One of my favorite pictures had a blue line running through it, 
I wish I'd moved the text over a bit so it didn't get caught in the middle of the book crease, rendering it illegible. 

I wrote MyPublisher a note, saying that overall I was exceptionally happy with the finished product, but that I was a bit disappointed about these two items. A short, friendly note, not snippy, and not demanding anything in return. Just a bit of customer feedback. 

They apologized profusely and sent me a coupon for an entirely new version of the book. 

Wow. I am beyond impressed. I made a few corrections and uploaded a new version last night. I am just thrilled with their commitment to their customers. 

On another note: Why it's a good idea to wait for sales at MyPublisher:

Our book, in the jumbo size, with 100 color pages, a linen book case, a custom front, no logo, and shipping was about $110

Which is a lot. 

But considering that without the coupon it would have been $253...well,  I'm pretty darn thrilled with the final product.

Fortunately for us, they have these sales pretty frequently. Hooray!