Monday, February 27, 2012

Bringing Up Bebe

My Dears,

You would have laughed at us today.

Anyway, the author was describing the sit down, four course lunches that are served everyday to France's public preschoolers. The thought of bambinos Benjamin's age sitting 'round a table waiting patiently for the cheese course to be served seemed wildly implausible. But that is essentially the point of the book: that teaching children limits biased on a framework (and then allowing great liberties within those set confines) is a great way for children to learn patience and adult rules but also foster independence in playing and learning. Evidently parents in France are devoted to this method of parenting. I was intrigued. And envious of parents that have their child placidly await the cheese course at restaurants! (full disclaimer: I can't really remember the last time I ate a meal with a cheese course. I will settle for a patient child during any moment of restaurant dining.)

I haven't yet finished the book but today we decided to have a "French preschool lunch". I don't speak a word of french and our menu was decidedly non-french (a crazy mix of what was available in the fridge) but it was a fun time nonetheless.

Here was our menu:

First course: avocado slices with a cheerio garnish 

Second course: pita with hummus (this also became the fifth course as baby was still hungry and we were out of everything else)

Third course: wilted spinach with soy sauce

Fourth course: cheese! We are going to pretend we're French and that it was some lovely stinky cheese (and not the cheddar it really was)

Dessert course: strawberries (interestingly enough, those were not very popular. Perhaps this one isn't my child?)

And then back to the hummus and pita.

And that, my dears, was our "French lunch"!

So does that mean we can do something easy for dinner? I'm thinking cereal!