Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Ben Cam

My Dears, 

It's not quite done yet as I have some captions and some photo fiddling left to do but the bulk of the work is completed. 

I'm still waffling over the cover photo. Here is what we have currently:

Also, is this a photo you would put in a baby book?  [The un-annotated version?]

I think it's hilarious. Think of what a kick his wife and kids will get out of it some day.  But...I'm not sure. 



In other news, our friends bought a live-feed camera that they set up in their son's room to see how his naps were going. We were over there a few months ago and were completely captivated. The nice thing about this particular version is that it's technically a security camera (not a baby monitor) so we don't have the drag around the bulky monitor. Instead we can get the feed on any phone or computer device. Chris could get it on his work computer if he wanted to. 

We bought one a while back and I have found myself glued to the screen. I swear, this thing is addicting. 

We've dubbed it The Ben Cam. 

It's been enlightening, too. Just when I think my child is snoozing away, I peek on the camera to find that he is:

Practicing gymnastics (toe grabbing):
 Catching up on a bit o' reading:
 Chewing his cud (or, in this case, chewing on a toy):
 And frankly, I'm not sure what is going on here:

Clearly, he's doing everything except sleeping. 

What a hoot.