Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Weekend Recap

My Dears - 

I can't believe this is Seattle. We have had weather that has been nothing short of spectacular. In February! On Saturday morning we took a very lazy stroll down to the park with my parents. We got in some good bird watching and swing time at the playground. 

Frankly, Ben swung and the adults basked in the sun. 

After a few projects around the house, Chris and I met up with Megan in UVillage for dinner and a UW basketball game. Ben snoozed at home with my parents. 

It was a great day. 

Did I ever show you the picture from Top Pot?  It was Ben's birthday so he got to try out a doughnut. He was not impressed. 

Anyway, back to Cafe Javasti. 

They just did a nice remodel, doubling the size of the establishement. We got in before the church crowds and grabbed a nice corner location. And then we ate crepes. 

Have you had their crepes? They're divine. 

I recommend the strawberries and creme version. Very, very tasty. 

After breakfast we headed downtown. We parked at Chris' building and moseyed west to the waterfront. A few months ago Groupon was running a Seattle Aquarium deal and we snapped up a few tickets. We needed to go make our acquaintance with the new baby sea otter.

Here are a few pictures from our trip:

They have an amazing touch-pool:

The Seattle aquarium isn't very gigantic - it's small enough that I was surprised by the $20 entrance fee - but the half-off groupon and the fact that Ben has a pretty short attention span made it a very worthwhile outing for our family.  

Chris and the Bambino chilling outside. 

A [slightly fuzzy] hermit crab:

The baby likes salmon. Both alive and on his dinner plate. It must be because he's half Alaskan. ;)

I joke.

The Seattle Aquarium does exactly what we used to do at the Alaska Zoo: freeze [dead] fish in big blocks of ice and then throw them into the seal exhibit. It's a tasty fish popsicle and provides the animals with a bit of entertainment. 

Welcome baby sea otter!! You are one giant ball of fluff. I couldn't tell which end was up. 

And that, my dears, was our visit to the aquarium. 

After that we headed over to Megan's for a little superbowl watching. And eating. I wasn't too terribly impressed by the Madonna halftime show although I seem to be in the minority on that one. Too many themes, too many songs mashed together. Plus I'm not a huge Ce-lo/MIA fan. Oh well. Maybe next year will be better. 

Ben has his one year doctor appointment on Monday and so we're laying low this week. The immunizations looked like they hurt and he's still sore today. He clocked in at a bit over 21 pounds and has 8+ teeth. Given that he's been practicing his nips on any object that he can get his chompers around (including fingers, noses, and other body parts that nursing mothers have), I was aware that he was well situated in the teeth department. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend.