Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Big Map Project

Blue = Chris
Red = Sonja
Yellow = Chris + Sonja
Green = Chris, Sonja & Ben

Things were humming right along until we depleted my stash of sewing pins. 

 The point of this project isn't just to pin where we've been - that's just a small piece. In fact, from a distance of just a few feet, it's pretty much impossible to see the pins, as they blend in with the colors of the map. 

No, the point, is to use it as a learning tool and a place for inspiration. A few nights ago when Chris and I put it up, we spent about 20 minutes looking it over. "Gee, I can't believe Kazakhstan is so damn big" and "MONGOLIA!!". And "Oh, so that's where the Straight of Hormuz is". 

Definitely a learning tool. 

 But I won't lie: It's kinda cool to see where we've been - we have many fond memories associated with past trips. 

And so many places left to explore...