Thursday, March 01, 2012

Eric's Blog


My SIL Megan's boyfriend Eric has a blog. Which he is absolutely lousy at updating.

I threaten that I'm going to kick him off my blog roll if he goes for more than six months without putting up a new post. And given that he had a grand total of ONE entry in 2011, I should have given him the boot long ago.

But he has promised great things on his blog for the next 30 days.

[He is so confidant, in fact, that he challenged me to a blog-off. Who can have the most number of posts in a month-long period. 
Well Peeps, the gauntlet has been thrown down!
Challenge accepted, Eric.
May I ever so politely point out that I already have two posts for the month of March? Your post from June 1, 2011 is looking a little lonely there, my friend.]

My Dears, I invite you to mosey on over to his site as seeing his visitor numbers climb might provide the sort of public pressure that results in new blog posts. He is off galavanting around the world so expect some pretty cool content in the next 30 days.

Check it out here: Eric and Megan's Blog.