Monday, March 05, 2012

Roughing it in Style - Moscow, ID

My Dears, 

We are going to a wedding this summer in Moscow, Idaho, and I was searching about for places to stay. 

Peeps, I've wanted to stay here for years

Take a look:

Can you imagine how much Ben would love to take a bath here?! He would be in heaven.

And the inside:

So I could almost see past the $$$$ nightly cost, as you're paying for the experience, after all. But it was that last picture that made me pause. 

That's a full size bed. Not a king. Not a queen. 


To make matters worse, it has a fancy iron filial at the foot. 

My Dears, I am married to a guy that is 6'5". Double beds with foot boards make for a very uncomfortable night if you're a) him or b) the second occupant in the bed. He's curled into the fetal position and I'm trying to find space between the protruding knees, feet, and elbows. Call me spoiled rotten, but that's a no-go in my book.

I even emailed them: "Do you perhaps have a queen size? or perhaps something without a footboard?" 

No dice, Peeps. 

Back to the drawing board! Maybe a yurt? This one looks cool.