Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A walk in the park [Weekly Traditions]

A friend of mine takes her baby and meets up with her husband once a week for lunch. It's a great way for Papa to get a little face time with his sweet girl during the day. 

We would love to mimic that tradition but making it into downtown Seattle to see Chris is a royal pain in the patootie. Finding parking is also awful. But occasionally we jaunt down there and it is always a very worth-while outing. 

This week we have plans to meet at El Puerco Lloron, a restaurant that I used to visit with my parents when I was just a wee little tyke. I probably haven't been there in twenty years. Also on the agenda? A pit stop next store at the gelato place.  My SIL Megan is going to Italy and I plan on eating as much gelato as possible while she's gone - it'll be like I'm in Italy with her!! Or not. But I'm still sticking to my gelato plan. 

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. 

Recently we've adopted a few dining traditions similar to my friend's weekly lunch. Not surprisingly, they both involve food. 

First up:

Friday Night Take Out
I'm not the world's best chef. By Friday I'm spent, cooking-wise. The fridge is usually empty and it's either sandwiches or cereal. Instead of resorting to those poor options, Chris zips out to one of the places 'round his office and brings home a cheap, hot, already-prepared meal. There are lots of options: Chipoltle, teriyaki, Italian, pho.  Oh boy do I look forward to Friday nights. This week I'm thinking Moo Shu Pork with plum sauce. Yum, Yum! 

Sunday Morning Breakfast + Adventure
You guys have probably figured out that Chris has been working some pretty crazy hours. He's also studying every night for a professional exam and he has a Saturday morning class that he also attends. He is so, so busy. Thus, come Sunday morning, Ben and I are desperate for some Chris time. We've kind of designated it our 'family day'. For the past few months we've been pretty good about hoping out of bed and trundling off to a local place for breakfast [doughnuts at Top Pot, cinnamon rolls at Great Harvest Bread Co., crepes at Cafe Javasti, etc]. And then, if we're feeling really adventurous, we add on an activity. A few weekends ago it was the aquarium. Or browsing the stacks at Third Place Books. 

Last weekend it was a hike in our favorite park:

It's nice to get up, get out, and then come home in time for the baby's nap. 

Nothing too grand, mind you.

Oh I love my family.  And I especially love Sundays. 

On a side note: Baby had his first sushi experience when we went out to dinner with my parents. If you've never been to Toyoda's in Lake City, I highly recommend that you waltz down there. It's probably my most favorite restaurant and the sushi is spectacular (though expensive). It's definitely a 'special occasion' kind of place. 

I got so much birthday love this year: a fancy meal from Wild Ginger on my actual birthday, dinner and cake from Megan and Eric, and sushi with my parents. What a lucky gal I am, to have this family.