Monday, April 16, 2012

Articles For the Week (Missing the OC, Free Rice, and Autism Research)

I kind of like assembling these posts. Maybe because they're so random.

Which suits me perfectly.

Anyway, I'm feeling nostalgic for sunny SoCal today.


Because it's raining in Seattle right now.

I read the blog of
this Orange County photographer and this morning when I peeked at her newest set of engagement photos, I knew exactly where this photoshoot took place. It's the park where Chris and I saw the tail end of a rattlesnake (as he zipped into the brush), where we discovered we couldn't take Bailey (because it's a wildlife refuge), and where the Waterstone Hiking Team freed a car that was stuck in deep gravel. We were a bunch of pretty buff, badass gals. Oh yeah.

In the photoshoot, did you notice how short her skirt was?  That means is warm there. Or at least not cold enough for her goose bumps to be glaringly obvious.

Speaking of Waterstone (my old place o' employment), a co-worker once got me hooked on the vocabulary game Free Rice. I re-found the site this morning and am once again in love. It's my kind of game. Plus it's for a good cause.

And on a totally unrelated note, this is fascinating article on new autism research that was just published by a team at UW. It is so worth your time to read.

Here is a snippet:

It was a curious little observation that, for any individual child, didn't mean much. But over time, measurements from hundreds of children suggested an intriguing trait: As a group, preschoolers diagnosed with autism tended to have larger heads.
That meant something was going on with their brains. But what?
The clue, pursued with the help of MRI scans that peered into sleeping babies' brains, led researchers to a stunning discovery: Long before symptoms appeared, 6-month-old babies — who were much later diagnosed with autism — already had marked differences in their brains' "wiring," the white matter that connects different regions.

And last, but not least:

We had such good luck with hiring workers from the Seattle Millionair's Club that we're going to do it again. Those vegetable beds ain't gonna fill themselves! [And I don't really want to be the one hauling the dirt uphill. I've done my time]

Have a great week,