Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ben's Family Photo Montage

Finally getting around to posting these photos. 

You'll likely remember that we were originally going to post pictures of Ben's extended family on the wall above his crib but then ditched that idea as we weren't comfortable with so much heavy wood and glass directly above the sleeping bambino. 

So we found a spot in the hallway and went to work. Here is a quick shot of the finished product:

And what we started with:

Forgive the avocado green. It looks really good against the pretty blue in Ben's room (the original location). I swear. 
 We fiddled around with the arrangement, tacked paper place holders up on the wall, and then took the whole thing down and did a bit of grey spray painting. 
 Here we are reassembling:
 Although out of focus, I thought this was pretty cute. I came out of the bathroom one day to see Ben giving his dad's picture a big, sloppy kiss (which I missed with the camera). I did catch the pointing to papa pose afterwards, though:

So here is the finished product (Looking into the guestroom on the left and our bedroom on the right)

Looking from the guestroom down the hall to Ben's room:

We left a bit of space in the corner for more portraits. I have a feeling that side of the family will be growing substantially in the next ten years. 

 I also added labels. I'm not sure if I like them. They're up for now but might disappear at a later date:

I am so glad we did this project. Ben loves to look and point at the pictures. Seriously, he is tickled pink by seeing 'his people'. 

His very favorite is Bailey, of course, but 'Dada' comes in at a close second. 

 The one word he hasn't mastered yet? 'Mama'.


 All in good time, my dears. 

And there you have it!