Monday, April 02, 2012


Today marks our ten year dating anniversary. 

What a grand adventure it has been thus far. 

I have a wonderful husband and a sweet baby. I am a lucky girl. 

Here is a quick recap:

Crew trip to Boston 2002 (Junior year of college)

Crew trip to San Francisco 2003

 Right before graduation, 2003
 Our grand Europe Adventure - two months backpacking around the continent - 2004 (Greece)
Europe 2004 (Italy)
 [Look what I found, Megan & Eric! Yeah, you get bad pictures if you go at night]
First apartment, Downtown Seattle - 2003. It was tiny! This is the living room and dining room. FYI: I did not paint that wall bright yellow - it came like that. Check out our modern tv!

 First Christmas - 2003

 Apartment, Irvine, CA - 2004. We moved into this place sight unseen and didn't much care for it. We were only here for six months. 
 2004 Christmas Card (randomly, I wore that shirt just yesterday)
 An Alaska trip - 2004. 
 Our little house, Santa Ana - 2005

 Easter 2005
 Catalina Island. Company retreat. 
 And Bailey makes three. Huntington Dog Beach. October 2005
 More Alaska. Thanksgiving, I think. It was freezing!
 St. Lucia with my parents. Christmas - 2005. I adored this trip - the diving was great, the food was spectacular, and the scenery was beautiful. 
 More St. Lucia
 Disneyland with the girls - January 2006
Wedding - July 2006
 Honeymoon - Hawaii. July 2006.
 San Francisco Trip (at the same place as the second picture in this post)(don't we look sunburned?!)
 Mexico Cruise - Christmas 2006. Don't we look spiffy?!
 Belize with my parents - 2007. We went river rafting through these caves. 
 Moving to Seattle - December 2008. Our stuff got through just fine but we ran into a massive snowstorm on the way up a few days later. 
 Seattle House - April 2009. Yikes, our first house that was really ours. We love it. 
 Snowy Seattle
 Hiking with the pup. Christmas card 2009. 
 Sailing on Eric's boat. 
 Seattle to Portland Bike Ride. 2009. I am exhausted.
 Africa - September 2009 (Mozambique)
  Africa - September 2009 (Zambia). I firmly believe this was a trip of a lifetime. It was that incredible. Everything else gets compared to it. 
 Alaska Cruise - June 2010 [Funny note: I was pregnant here and was suffering from massive morning sickness + sea sickness. This is the only decent picture of me from the entire trip]
 Backpacking in WA - July 2010. Not too shabby as I was a few months pregnant!
 A family of three....
 Soon to be four.
And last but not least, with our wee little babe.

I love you, Chris.