Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hi Peeps!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

We had two great days.

Chris and I went out to a fancy dinner on Friday night while my parents graciously watched The Bambino. I was thrilled because Ben conked out at their house at his normal bedtime hour and slept like a rock until I picked him up late that night. Previously, he's had a difficult time going down for naps in a strange bed so this sleeping event was a huge success.

Meanwhile, my SIL Megan picked my-inlaws up from the airport for a nice long visit and we are busy plotting out some grand adventures.  At the top of the list we have: The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (I've never been!), a ferry ride to Bainbridge, a trip to the Museum of Flight, and, if we're feeling really wacky, a duck ride (another Seattle 'thing' I've never done). Very exciting.

The biggest news is that Benjamin had a banner weekend. He is tentatively starting to string together a few steps and it might not be too long before we have a walking baby toddler. We haven't quite wrapped our head around that concept yet.

He is also adding to his vocabulary: he's following in his dad's (or Paris Hilton's) linguistic footsteps as we've officially christened 'hot' his first word. Everything is hot in Ben's world. This is followed closely by 'uh oh', 'dis', and 'dat'.

Ben is also at an age where he loves being chased. He'll scurry down the hall, all the while looking back to make sure you're hot on his tail. And when you finally catch him, he laughs and laughs and laughs.

We are loving this stage of baby-hood.