Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trader Joe's in Lake City - Let's make it happen

Hey Seattle Peeps.

I don't know if you've ventured into Lake City recently but with the closure of the Bill Pierre car lots along Lake City Way, there are redevelopment talks in the works for the entire area.

A few meetings have been held on the subject. Read more about the latest one

Interestingly enough, all the participants said they really, really want a Trader Joe's store to be located somewhere along the strip.

Community center? Parks? Heck no. Give us a TJs!

Ok, I kid on that last bit.

But I completely agree. I love Trader Joe's (and desperately miss the convenience of them located on every street corner in CA) and would love to have one in the North End. The University location is a pain to get to - and always crowded.

So be a peach, Peeps, and please fill out this nifty form on the TJ website for us - tell 'em you'd love to have one in the Lake City Neighborhood. I'll promise to buy you a toblerone candy bar from the new location if you do.

Muchas gracias, Amigos.