Friday, June 22, 2012

Alaska! 2012

Hello Peeps!

Ben and I just got back from a week visiting his grandparents and family in Anchorage. It was an impromptu trip. One night I decided to browse mileage tickets on Alaska Airlines and the next day we were on a plane headed north. 

We had a wonderful time. Although we dearly wish Chris could have come along. Seriously, Peeps, we need to petition to adopt the European system of vacation (ie lots and lots).

Except for one plane ride from hell, that included a violent arrest (not me, thankfully), a massive bloody nose, and an incident that caused two rows of slumbering passengers to wake up and wonder "What is this stuff all over my bald head?" But we'll save that flight recounting for another day. 

More pictures to come later, but in the meantime, here are a few from my phone. 

It's hard to beat Alaska in the scenic panorama game:

Head Butt!  We like the polar bears. 

I'd like to see one in the wild one day. But not up close. 

You would not believe how quickly that animal cleared the moat. One minute she was dozing on the rock; the next second she was bulldozing head first into her buddy there on the left. 

Hiking with Uncle Greg (and Auntie Katherine, and Grandparents)

Have you ever been to Alaska in the summer? 

I kid you not: this was snapped at 11 pm. 

Land o' the Midnight Sun. 

Thank you for hosting us, Bob and Cherie. We are looking forward to next year!

xxoo, Sonja