Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Post: Food Art, Summer Activities, and a Lake City Update


Today is Bring-Your-Dog-To-Work Day! Back when we lived in CA, Bailey came to work a few times and hung out with his buddies in CubeLand. He loved it. Can't say I got much work done, however. Today he is in his usual spot, snoozing at my feet. That's my big lump of a pup.

Check out these food creations from artist Carl Kleiner. Amazing, yes?! Perfect for a whimsical kitchen. Find items in his shop here.

Ben is obsessed with all thing bubbles right now. I'm thinking that these bubble snakes would be a quick and easy project for a warm, sunny Seattle day.

Here is photographic evidence of why it's a very excellent idea to wear sunscreen. Or keep to the shade!

How fun would it be to innertube through the canals of a sugar plantation on Kauai?

NE Seattle Peeps:
The city came out with new recommendations for the Lake City Fire Department. They did not endorse the community center proposal. Boo. They did, however, based on the amount of initial feedback from the community, decide to extend the deadline for more input. Click here to get the latest update (and to submit a letter that will hopefully change their mind!).