Thursday, June 07, 2012

Baby in Blue

My mom dug this sweater out of the attic a while back - one of the few pieces that belonged to me as a baby. A dear family friend made it some 30 years ago.

Unfortunately, it had not weathered the proverbial storm of time well - the moths had gone to town on it and it was very, very hole-y.

My friend Megan is a crafty knitter and offered to see what she could do in the patching department.

Holy frijole, Peeps, she did an amazing rescue. It was pretty involved - there were lots of holes in the body as well as a large lapel piece that was missing.

She managed to find a matching color and spent time re-knitting the holes and bits around the collar. It looks great. And fits Ben perfectly.

Thank you, Megan. You are wonderful.

Hmm. What is Bailey having for dinner? Maybe I'll have some too.