Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Which color would you choose?

Oh My Dears, I can say that I unequivocally detest picking paint colors. Especially for something as big and important as the exterior of one's abode.

But pick we must. The house needs painting.

Brick is a hard color to match. The house is currently a nice dark brown but coupled with the dark brown undertones of the makes for a lot o' brown.

So we're pondering other options.

We did some driving around in the lovely old neighborhoods of Seattle, seeing what other people have selected to complement their brick houses.

Cream/white is probably the most popular. We saw a lot of white trim.

Brick red is probably the second most popular. But that would be a LOT of red. Plus a big red garage. Not feeling it.

We also saw a lot of blue. More muted than this example, however.

Surprisingly, a nice jade green was also in evidence on several houses. It was used more as a trim color, however, not as a big secondary color. you can't see it in this photo but we've got a few portions of the upper story that are painted shingle. Plus an attached two car painted shingle garage. So we have to pick a color that looks good on a large surface, not just a few trim bits.

And then you have me: in typical fashion, leaning towards the boring greys.

 Not surprisingly, eh?

We'll keep you posted on painting progress.

 Once we finally decide on a color.




  1. Katherine J9:30 AM

    What about picking two or three colors? One for the window frame, one for the roof frame, and one for the siding (or the same for the window and roof, but different for the siding). We chose a taupe for the siding, cream for the roof trim and chocolate for the window trim; they all match each other and look great with our cedar siding. I also cheated big time and only chose from the palettes offered by Sherwin Williams...made it a lot easier to ensure that we were choosing colors that would complement each other.

  2. I really like the cream option. I'm not sure about that upstairs window being all white though.

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Grey Forever! : ) I like greys and cool colors best too and they seem so fitting for your location on the West Coast.

  4. I like the idea of two colors - maybe cream for the trim to brighten things up & a more subtle color for the window. I like the greenish grey at the bottom of your post - I think greenish grey or blueish grey are nice ways to add some color but keep it neutral.

  5. I totally agree - I like the idea of more than one color. What you can't see (as these are old photos) is that we've updated that big sliding door with a nice glossy black french door. The garage doors are also going to be black. So that gives us a secondary color. We were thinking of doing a black on the trim as well but we got our first quote back from the painting guy and just about died of shock - $17,000 for two colors. Yikes. It was going to be a 1/3 if we only picked one color.

    We're not sure if we're going to do the house ourselves or have it done but I think simple is key - at least this time around. There is so much prep work with peeling paint that I think we're going to have our hands full without adding another color into the mix.

    Regardless, this is not a job I'm looking forward to...lots and lots of work!