Monday, July 23, 2012

House Projects: Guest Room (finally done)


I'm glad to be finished with it. 

Here are the new closets with their shower curtain 'doors'.

And the cheapo dresser that we refinished. 

 And at long last, here is the other side of the room, complete with bed, new headboard, an old table that was formerly in our tv room (donated by my grandma), lanterns (now with a new coat of paint, and former residents of our living room), and artwork. Ahem. That were formerly hanging in Ben's room. 

Do you sense a theme here?!

The bambino was ready for some new posters, anyway. He's on a water kick lately so we hung some vintage fishing pieces [from my parents] above his crib. 

And if you're really J-family savvy, you'll also recognize the hanging device. It's from the apple tree in the backyard. :)

My Sister-in-law gave us the ceiling garland. We based the color scheme around it. It's a grey pattern with bright apple green, magenta, and robin egg blue accents. 

A few details. The luna moth is from the Pacific Science Center. It's been in storage for a while so I hauled it out, gave it a new paper backing, and voila! here it is. 

The goat is from Mexico, the clock from Target, and the bird poster from etsy seller ChristineBerrie

And there you have it. 

Simple and cheap. It's missing a few things (a mirror, kleenex) that we'll probably add eventually. We also have a few bare spots on the wall that are just begging for the perfect (as-of-yet-undiscovered) piece of artwork.

I wouldn't mind also getting a new pretty duvet cover but with the old one still in perfectly good condition, it's hard to spring for a new one.

All in good time.

It's taken this long to pull the room together, what's a few more years? :)