Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Adventures: Mt. St. Helens


I hope you had a great weekend. We drove south to Mt. St. Helens on Friday and rented a wee little cabin on Silver Lake.

Now it is one heck of a funny-looking, lopsided, squatty pile o' rock. 

We spent Saturday doing a little spelunking, as we traversed Ape Cave, the longest continuous lava tube in the continental US. We did the Upper Ape Cave route, which was 1.5 miles in length and included a lot of boulder hopping and shimmying under low-hanging rock outcroppings. Check out some photos here.   We weren't sure how Ben was going to react to the darkness of the tunnel and the rough ride but he was a trooper and seemed pretty intrigued for the duration of the trip. It wasn't until we emerged into the sunlight that he decided it was time for a quick shut-eye. 

Saturday was beautiful.

And Sunday morning was foggy! Driving up to St. Helens was kind of spooky - no cars and visibility that was 50 ft max in some areas. 

We took a great hike on Sunday along a ridge overlooking Coldwater Lake. It was supposed to afford us awesome views of the erupted mountain. That didn't happen (see photo above). We did see lots of little critters, however. 

Most pictures to come at a later date.