Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Events

My Dears!

How was your weekend?!

If you live in Seattle then you'll know that we were experiencing some crazy hot & humid weather. 

I'm not too familiar with humidity - it's bizarre. And it makes me feel very, very lazy. 

Weed the garden? Nah. I think I'll take a nap on the couch instead.

Bailey does not 'do humid' either. Hot? Yes. Humid? NO. 

He has been excavating dog-sized holes around the yard into which he can plunk his body and leach the cooler temps from the soil. 

Did I tell you he's in the running for "Laziest Dog On The Planet" competition? He's the clear frontrunner.

We have been thinking up all sorts of new ways to beat the heat. All of them involve water, not surprisingly. 

We trucked on over to a local splash park on Thursday with some buddies. It was a little much for Ben. There were lots of zooming big kids and water features that sloshed around unpredictably. I think we'll try out the wading pool next time. 

We had grand plans this weekend to paint our garden shed but the weather threw us for a major loop. Humid heat, combined with thunder and lightening storms, do not a happy painting situation make. Maybe next weekend.

On Saturday we stuck around the city and went for a little jaunt down to Discovery Park.  We liked the variety of terrain and the beach was a huge hit with the bambino. But it was also packed with people. A quiet little weekend ramble it wasn't. 

Hard to beat big sticks and sand, though.

It was so very foggy. You could hear the giant container ships passing just off shore....but couldn't see a thing. A bit eerie.

On Saturday afternoon we went to a company picnic at Emerald Downs.  I will admit that I'm not a huge horse racing fan

But the bambino was enthralled.

Whoa, nelly! Come here horsie!

It was a good opportunity to perfect his horse sounds, at the very least.

Sunday morning we headed back to our very favorite St. Ed's State Park. Our little quiet corner on the lake. 

Ben was not exactly thrilled to be stuck in the pack for two days in a row. He has a love/hate relationship with his carrier. Things are slightly better now that he can successfully mine the side pockets for treats and toys. He can also reach Chris' hair. And my dear husband remarked at the end of the hike: "Well, it's definitely time for a hair cut". 

Yesterday afternoon we spent a lovely few hours at the home of a new acquaintance that was filled with art and antiques. Ben, still on his equine high from the day before, made a beeline straight for the rocking horse. 

And last but not least, we also celebrated our six year wedding anniversary yesterday. I would love to say that we went out for a fancy dinner and a show. But that didn't happen. We put the baby to bed and vegged on the couch. Such is life, my dears. 

On our first wedding anniversary, Chris planned a trip to Las Vegas that included a few events (the highlight was this one, by far), a museum tour, and jaunts around the famous casinos. 

The second year we went out to a posh restaurant for dinner. 

And the third and fourth years? 

Eh not much. Clearly it's a downward spiral! [I jest, I jest]

Last year (No. 5) we finally got our act together and took a trip up to the San Juan Islands. Only ten months after our actual anniversary. 

A little slow, but definitely worth the wait. 

I told Chris we could designate our upcoming camping trip to Mt St Helens as our 'official 6th year' anniversary adventure....until I realized that it had already been anointed his 'official 31st birthday present'.

Back to the drawing board.