Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In the Blog-O-Sphere


The Olympics are over. Boo. I loved watching swimming, diving, volleyball and track. My only complaint? I wish they might have shown a recap of some of the other sports during the primetime broadcast. Granted, not everyone finds rowing, sailing, and table tennis to be the most riveting of spectator sports... but a quick summary would have been appreciated.

That said, I SO WANT TO GO TO BRAZIL IN 2014. Then I could get my fill of rowing, sailing...but maybe we’ll skip the table tennis.

In other news:

Check out this cute, crabby pair of suspenders that Ben has been sporting recently. They’re made in Bothell (Washington) by my talented pal Marcilla of
Suspended Recreation. They keep his sagging drawers up and are cute to boot! They would be the perfect accessory for a Christmas or Easter suit, too. Pair it with a bow tie and your baby would be tres chic.

My mom sent us this article on problems that are besetting the Alcan, the highway that links Alaska with the Continental United States. Chris and I drove it back in 2003 - it was a fabulous, bumpy trip.

The kiddo is currently testing out some baby headphones. We decided to buy this particular brand because it has a volume limiter that is built into the headset. We’ll report back on how he adapts to them.

Check out these sandals from Sseko. They are made by women in Uganda and can be tied and styled in a myriad of ways. Read the story of the company here. I love my cheapo flippy floppies but I’m constantly tripping, stumbling, and generally cursing their loosy-goosy fit. I’ve yet to find a pair of sandals that looks good and can travel some serious miles, yet are easy on my high-arch, narrow feet.

I am absolutely convinced the fine folks that inhabit this abode do not have children. Also? It’s my dad’s worst nightmare. He hates the color white. With a vengeance.

Ben has his first kiddie crush: he is obsessed with airplanes. Upon hear that telltale engine roar, he drops everything and looks skyward. Since we live relatively close to the incoming flight path for SeaTac and have a great view of the sea planes taking off on the lake, Ben is getting a lot of aeroplane-watching under his belt. If you take off in the next few weeks, know that there is a little boy in Matthews Beach that is wildly waving up at you.