Monday, August 13, 2012

San Juan Weekend


Two weekends ago my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law arrived in town and we bundled our stuff into the car and left Seattle behind. 

It was time for a girl’s weekend. No boy, no babies. Lots of food, wine, and sun bathing. 

Katherine, Alex, Megan, and Me

The harbor in the evening. 

Trying to take a decent self-portrait:

My favorite activity from the weekend was the afternoon that we rented kayaks and paddleboards. Here are Megan and Cherie rockin’ the kayak:

I’ll admit, I was not too eager to join the Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) craze but at the urging of both Alex and Katherine, we gave ‘em a go. 

It was so much fun.

The boards are moderately stable and the paddling technique was easy to learn. I usually struggle with Kayaks because my upper body strength isn’t that great but the SUP strock requires more of a full-body motion.

Miracle of miracles, no body fell in!



 We stayed mostly at the resort but also spent a bit of time hiking, eating, and cruising around Friday Harbor.

We had time for a little wine tasting:

And my own personal version of heaven:

 We also looked for whales at Lime Kiln State Park but had to settle for this harbor seal that was in the midst of consuming an octopus. Sashimi for lunch, evidently. 

The only bummer about taking the ferry to the San Juans is that it gets crazy-busy on Sunday afternoon. Thanks to an out-of-commission vessle, we had a seven (!) hour wait in Friday Harbor. 

But that did not diminish my anticipation for next year’s get-together in the slightest. Bring it, Team J.



Photo credits: Sonja and CJ