Saturday, October 06, 2012

In the Blog-O-Sphere

I saw
this on Pinterest. Amen. Hard to go wrong with a daily dose of ice cream.

Did you know that according to the Seattle Times, there are more dogs than kids in Seattle? Here are the specifics: Seattle has 110,655 children and 177,246 dogs, according to the city of Seattle and 2010 U.S. Census data. Bailey has quite the posse. THey should come over and stage an intervention: Ben needs to learn to treat his canine brethren with a bit more respect.

A gal pal from high school is doing a bit of coaching for a new college rowing program in Texas. Last weekend they had a regatta and there were a few boat dust-ups during the race, and then a run-in with another coach that blamed her team for the accident. Her description reminded me of the [usually] controlled chaos at the Head of the Charles Regatta, where collisions are fairly frequent. It sounds like there weren’t any major changes to the finish times due to the crash in this particular race and in situations like these, I feel it’s usually better to let it go and remember that it is, after all, just a race. My friend is fairly even-keeled and I have a hard time imagining anyone having such poor manners as to subject her to a lengthy tirade. Clearly the rival coach needed a good dunking in the river.

[Which can easily be arranged, in rowing. A gal collecting her 20-foot oar could easily swing around and neatly swipe someone off the dock and into the water. Similar to a regatta (in high school) in which our head coach offered $20 to the rower that would sweep the opposing team’s bagpiper mascot into the chilly waters of Brentwood Bay. She (and the entire team) were out for revenge: This was the same dude that decided to practice his piping at 6 am outside of the gym where we were bunking down for the night. I’ve had a distaste of bagpipes ever since.]

I am already dreaming of summer adventures. Chris and I were all set to rent one of these mobile huts in the Methow Valley (pictured) this summer but they were all filled up! Maybe next year. Also, I just booked tickets for another Kenmore Air floatplane trip up to Orcas Island. The last time I was on Orcas was summer camp...back in 1993. Anybody have any recommendations? We are going in the lovely month of February. With rain panchos in hand.