Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In the Blog-O-Sphere

Yet another fascinating article on the subject of women as parents, partners, and professionals in the workplace.

Ok, Peeps, someone I know is one their way to purchase one of these nifty little sneak-a-leak (thank you to K for coming up with that term!) gadgets for women. I had a college roommate that practiced peeing standing up but she reported that it takes a lot of precision bladder control. And good aim. Evidently the Army hands out the Sani-Fems to their female soldiers as stopping to pop a squat in the middle of patrol might be hazardous. So the real question is: Would YOU use one?  I can think of many situations (third world bathrooms, anyone?) in which they might come in handy. But I'll admit: the logics seem a bit daunting.

My cousin’s grandma is going to meet an American airman (that lived with her family) that she hasn’t seen since WWII. Read the backstory (from my cousin’s perspective) here. [Eh: this actually happened last week. I’m late to the game. The whole family participated.] And while you’re at it, peruse the rest of his art on his tumblr here.  Go George.