Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In the Blog-O-Sphere

Oh boy, Peeps.

It has been a wet, grey week in Seattle.

Thus, are you surprised that I’m ready to pack up and move back down south? Days like today make me desperately miss California. Check out these comfy outdoor living spaces [Yes, they are all down south - damn those Calis with their wonderful, temperate winter weather].

We took a damp walk down to Seattle Center the other day - have you been to the fountain lately? It’s a fun little activity. Plus you can stare up at the Space Needle and feel very, very tiny.

Speaking of activities, this year I’m going to try and make an advent calendar for Ben. Like these. I loved the calendars when I was younger. Especially awesome were the ones with the chocolate behind the door. A lovely way to start the morning, yes? Anyway, I’m going to do the little box theme (or perhaps envelopes). I might include a few toys (if Ben had his way, every box would contain a new matchbox car) but also activities: make cookies, visit Denali the bear at the zoo, go swimming at the pool, have lunch downtown with Daddy, go cut down our Christmas Tree (!!). They don’t all have to be child-focused, either: give Bailey a bath, put a few quarters in the Salvation Army jar at the supermarket. I’d put down “clean your room”, too, if I thought it would actually work. :)

In other wet,
water-y news, Chris and I have tried twice to see whale sharks while diving. We were skunked both times. I would love to see them, someday. That said, it takes some serious guts to approach one. Major kudos to these folks that managed to free this shark that cinched itself into a pretty tight belt:

Still feeling cold? Check out [another] California abode. I would be happy just living in the pool house, for sure.

May you have a very merry Thanksgiving, my dears.