Saturday, November 24, 2012

Snoqualamie Falls

A few weeks ago we were going stir crazy at home and decided to get out of the house. Chris was still suffering from his sinus infection so we decided that a scenic drive, not a hike, was in order. Off to Snoqualamie Falls we went. If you are seeking a quiet, unpopulated vista from which to admire a beautiful waterfall, this is not the activity for you. 

It was packed with visiting hordes. 

But it is a good spot for folks that can’t walk too far (babies, grandparents, those with mobility issues, etc) and the entire pathway is paved. Those looking for a vigorous walk can take the road down to the bottom, although it’s currently closed until Spring 2013. And, if you’re looking for a fancy restaurant, Salish Lodge is perched right on the edge; We took my Nana there for Mother’s Day brunch a few years ago and it was lovely.