Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY: New Lightbox [with wooden frame]

I spent an hour last week constructing this light-box. Basically, it’s a lot like this one except a little bit sturdier as it has a wooden bottom and support structure. 

I used 2x2s for the frame and 1/2 plywood for the bottom. Twelve screws later, and viola! A lightbox. 

Tissue paper is on the sides and top, while a large sheet of butcher paper makes up the backdrop. At some point I’ll probably change out the butcher paper for something with a little more visual interest. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Clearly I need to monkey around with the lighting a bit more.

You might remember that I had one of these back when the chickens were wee little chicks but it bit the dust - the birds kept pooping on the butcher paper and well, that doesn’t make the for prettiest of backdrops. Wax duck candles are much tidier. 


  1. Try diffusing the light and angling it differently. Some people make tissue paper screens to diffuse light on a lamp. It will give a softer light...less glare...better distribution. :)

  2. Muchas gracias, Amanda!

    There is actually a layer of tissue paper between the light and the product - it’s stretched straight across the top (so it’s hard to see). The angle definitely needs work and frankly, I need more light. It’s a dark basement room and that single spotlight isn’t cutting it. I have a few additional lights that I might set up to provide frontal illumination. I tried it out again this morning and definitely was not pleased with the current setup. Will keep you posted! :)

  3. Shucks. Thought it would be an easy fix.