Monday, December 17, 2012


My Dears,

We just spent a lovely week in Kauai with Chris’ family. It was fabulous.

The Bambino had an absolute blast (swimming, sand throwing, gobbling ice cream) and he reveled in the attention that was lavished upon him by his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. He is one lucky kiddo and we are eternally grateful to our loving extended family.

His parents enjoyed a bit of baby-free time, including a scuba diving expedition and a booze sunset cruise. We are happy to report that nobody fell overboard. Success.

I tell you, Peeps, it’s hard to arrive back home to 39 degrees and raining. Although never underestimate the loveliness of one’s own bed.

On a completely different note: It feels terribly wrong to post the above and yet also fail to acknowledge the terrible, horrible tragedy that occurred in Connecticut last week. I have no answers or solutions - only sympathy, sorrow, and a parent’s shared horror at the feeling of helplessness and despair. Bless them. 

With love,