Friday, January 04, 2013

Ben’s Second Birthday

We’re not planning a big, blow-out bash for the kiddo’s second year but I still like sending out formal invitations to family members. The artwork on the upper left is from Etsy. I think we’ll do another birthday shirt (like last year) and the tentative design is pictured at right. Add a few balloons, a cake, and some fancy paper straws and voila! party planning is complete. 

Next year we’ll do a pinata - I loved those as a kid. 

Seahorse art print: Etsy
Ben is 2 invitation: Etsy
Birthday shirt: Etsy [We worked with this vendor last year and she was amazing. So helpful]
Balloons: there are lots of places to order balloons. I’m partial to these giant, 3’ round ones.
Straws: again, lots of online shops carry these. do a search for ‘striped paper straws’

Here are a few other card covers that I liked:

And a few more on our pinterest page: click here

Now we just have to come up with some cake ideas. Back to the [pinterest] drawing board!!!