Monday, February 11, 2013


My Dears, 

This year has been a whirlwind of activity around here. Ben’s Alaskan grandparents came to visit and we loved having them. We visited the aquarium, had some great meals, and celebrated Ben’s birthday. 

We’ve had a few non-drizzly days and we’ve been getting out for short walks. Ben really likes holding Bailey’s leash. The Beast is a good sport about it and doesn’t yank the kiddo around too much.

Too much being the key phrase there. I’d be willing to bet there is a little payback in there for all those ear and tail pulls that Ben has inflicted upon our long-suffering pooch over the last few years. 

We got spiffy new doors for the kitchen and garage. Now I won’t be locking myself out on a daily basis. 

Chris tore apart our laundry room this weekend in a project that involved lots of concrete mixing. [more on this at a later date]

Ben graduated to a ‘big boy bed’ this weekend. At his 2-year checkup I told our doctor about Ben’s crazy climbing skills and in turn she regaled me with stories of all the broken arms and legs (and worse) she’s had to fix when children attempted to vacate their cribs. In short, she stated that our wee bambino should no longer be confined, even with a sleep sack or other gadget. Major, major bummer.

So the mattress was moved to the floor. Which was great except he kept rolling off the bed. 

Not so comfy. 

So Chris whipped this baby up yesterday:

Primer and paint to come later. 

The kiddo is a fan, especially once he figured out he could jump off it. Cue the crazy, kamikaze leaping sessions.

Updates might be few and far between here in the coming weeks. We’re doing some major work on the house (new electrical systems, re-piping, etc) and I’m playing a demolition role in the proceedings. So please don’t give up on us if our postings are spotty; we’ll be sure to share photos when things are all wrapped up.