Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Projects: Basement Plans


We have been hard at work re-imagining the basement of our house. We are going from a partially finished, brown walled, brown floored, brown ceiling dark area to....something hopefully a LOT different. And a space that will include a mother-in-law apartment, in addition to laundry and storage spaces. Frankly, a wall (and a door) on the bathroom would be a significant upgrade. Here is what we have now:

It may look big in the schematic (which is not to scale) but let’s put things into perspective. Here is our ‘multi-purpose room’, complete with bikes, construction gear, and all the crap we moved out of the laundry room. Anybody want an older, working fridge? See here. What this room needs is a good spring cleaning and some drywall. More on that later. 

And here is the new plan (and the associated task list):

We’re in the process of tearing out the bathroom this weekend, the plumbing is being moved around as we speak, and then we’ll proceed to framing the new bathroom and laundry room. One day we might even have bright new drywall in this space.