Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Year in Review

I just got our 2012 photo album in the mail yesterday.

Shutterfly has semi-annual sales so the total cost for the book was $16, including shipping.

 Like last year's version, this one is organized by month, with the last few pages devoted to a hodgepodge of Instagram photos. Not surprisingly, Ben is the star attraction although I did slip in a few house projects and Bailey photos in there.




  1. I love it! How long does it take you to do each one? Do you create it throughout the year? Or do you do it all at once when you plan to order it?

  2. Thanks! It probably takes 3-4 hours in shutterfly. But I prep and select the photos first in iPhoto. Or Picasso would work just fine as well.

    iPhoto has a nice feature in which you can view all the photos you've taken from the last year. Then I flag the ones I want and upload them (overnight, as it takes a while) into shutterfly.

  3. Also if you sign up for shutterfly emails, about twice a year they send out coupons for free photo books. That's what I wait for. With extra pages though and shipping it cost $16. Any of those companies would work, of course.