Monday, March 04, 2013


Ben is starting to delve into the world of coherent sentence structures. His easily amused parents are finding it to be highly entertaining.

Here are a few Ben gems from today:

Upon coming into my bedroom this morning: "mommy, sits down! No sleepy!" as he pulls the pillow from under my head.

As I opened a can of tuna: "oh hi meat!"

As I scroll through pictures of Chris and his dad: "Bye daddy. Bye Debbie"

Looking into his lunch sack at a rice cake: "I see you!"

Addressing his favorite blanket from across the room: "Hi Blankie!"

Upon spying our neighbor Penny through the window: "Money Penny!"

And from yesterday, upon poking at the toes of a four month old visitor:"I touched it!"

He has also started to jettison "mama" and "dada" in favor of the slightly more common "mommy" and "daddy". Oh sweet boy, don't grow up too quickly.