Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY: Toddler Bed Measurements

We’ve gotten a few questions about Ben’s toddler bed and the measurements. 

Here is a little sheet with the measurements that we used. Please note, this bed fits a standard sized crib mattress, with a little room on all sides for sheets and the mattress protector. 

Please note: There are actually eight (8) legs that are required, not six (6). Sorry. 

4x4 post (16” total needed)
caulk (optional)
low voc paint
clear finish top coat (optional) (like this)(1.)

Saw (circular saw for the straight plywood cuts and a jigsaw for the rounded edges. A chop saw is also nice for cutting the legs but that could be done with the circular saw)(2.)
Painting supplies

1. I’ve noticed that regular wall paint tends to feel a bit tacky when used on furniture. This is not a proven fact, just my observation. Thus, I like to seal stuff with a final furniture-specific layer. Another solution (I’ve heard) would be to use an old-based paint but those are very fumey - especially for a toddler to sleep in. Either way, plan on keeping it in the garage for a few extra days to de-fume, even if you’re using a low voc paint.

2. Chris also used a finish nailer to tap a few brads into the upper sides where they attached to the header/footer but a glue/narrow screw combo would also probably work just fine. 

A bottom view of the crib (note placement of legs). Also, can you tell that Ben just woke up? Not excited about being evicted from his cozy nest for picture-taking purposes. 

Crib feet are only two inches high. Screw sides onto the crib by sinking screws into feet (horizontally):

See more pictures here