Friday, March 22, 2013

More Benisms

My apologies in advance if these aren't terribly entertaining. As doting parents we think the things that emerge from this child's mouth are the most hilarious thing this world has ever heard. We realize this probably isn't true but are choosing to remain delusional for the time being.



While out walking today we spotted our neighbor's Mini Cooper:

Ben: "Hi baby car!"

Sonja: "Hey look, Ben, a kitty!"
Ben: "kick the kitty!"
Sonja: "what? no! No kicking."

Too late:

Just kidding. The feline immediately recognized that it was outgunned and waved the white flag (in this case, her belly) by laying on the ground in surrunder. Or perhaps she just wanted a tummy scratch. Either way, the kicker was nonplussed and elected not to inflict bodily harm.  Lucky for us, as our neighbor (and her cat) would not have been amused.