Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Activities

My Dears! 

I hope you had a great weekend. The big thing around here is that Chris and his dad did a major remodel on our heating ducts in the basement. 

Long boxes that used to hang down from the ceiling are now nicely tucked into the rafters. 

Chris worked at a sheet metal shop back in high school and college and this was a good chance for him to put some old skills to work.

A few low-hanging bits were unavoidable but they are now much, much more space efficient.

We are one step closer to having a finished basement. THANK YOU Bob! 

In other news, I painted the walls in our downstairs bathroom and purchased my lower wall supplies. Eh. It’s looking a bit dark here. I’m a little worried about the color - I love it in our bedroom but maybe it’s too dark for a skinny bathroom? I’ve got some really bright artwork planned so hopefully that’ll liven it up a bit.

Ben practiced his climbing..

And we went wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law and bride-to-be Megan, my other sister-in-law Alex, and my mother-in-law Cherie. OH. It was so much fun. Brings back lots of happy memories of wedding activities. No shots of potential dresses though, that’ll have to wait until September. :)