Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picnic Time

Sun is Seattle!! Whoohoo. I’m like a fickle Mariners fan: I love this town when its sunny and hate it when its grey. 

Yesterday was gorgeous. 

Ben woke up from his nap and we headed out for a little fiesta on the lawn.

Dang, Mama? What did you pack in here?

It was our first time using the basket that Ben got for his birthday in January. It’s from Alex Toys.

 It’s a good size for a little tyke.

And it’s hard to go wrong with salmon mousse, fruit, and cookies.


 Ben was feeling magnanimous: “One cookie for you Bailey”.

But you have to wait for it.

OK! Eat!

 It wouldn’t be a picnic without ants, right? We’re always game for a little biology lesson.